LABA was originally founded on May 15th 1964, as a local not-for-profit organization, by a group of Hispanic attorneys practicing in the United States. Sharing different nationalities and backgrounds, this group of attorneys had a common purpose: the integration of our Hispanic and Latino professionals to the U.S. judicial system. Initially, the challenges they faced were similar to the challenges faced by our Hispanic lawyers and professionals today. Racism, prejudices, lack of opportunities and cultural acceptance affected the legal profession at the time, and continue to be a present challenge and obstacle to overcome.


Since its foundation in 1964, LABA has evolved and become an international organization with a single driving purpose: the integration of Latin American legal professionals to the U.S.  legal system. Following its endeavor and original purpose, LABA has become the only professional private bar that allows membership for our Latin American attorneys and legal professionals. Even though the LABA membership in itself does not allow the legal practice in U.S. forums or in American Courts, many of its members pursue education in the U.S. that allow admission  into different state and federal bars]


Now, more than ever, the international legal community demands uniformity of decisions and legal results. Latin America is no exception. Along with the need for uniformity comes the need for professional development, hands on legal experience, trial exposure and technical know how. In order to compete in this global legal market, our Latin American attorneys and legal professionals must train and be exposed to the demands of its professional counterparts in the U.S. and abroad. Today, LABA supports educational, and best legal practices approach to make our Latino lawyers successful in this global market. Through conferences, seminars, webinars, institutional networking and marketing initiatives, LABA believes that our Latin American legal professionals can gain a clear advantage and become exceptional leaders within the international legal community.


But our goal of integration does not end there. LABA also supports Universities, Law Schools and Agencies throughout Latin American providing certifications, legal support, and Rule of Law implementation to many of their educational and institutional initiatives. On the private side, LABA supports’ law firms and legal practitioner efforts at networking, internships in U.S. agencies and law firms, marketing initiatives and area of practice law firm training and support.



Certifications for individuals, and law firms in various areas of practice including: Criminal Law, Civil Litigation, Intellectual Property, Family and Matrimonial Law, and Notarial Law, among others.

Certifications for courses, seminars and conferences for Latin American Law Schools and Universities backed by the background and experience of the Latin American Bar Association.


U.S based internships for law students and law firm associates.


Large networking opportunities for law firms and private practitioners to showcase their experience and areas of practice.

Marketing and sponsorship opportunities for Law Firms and Private Legal Practitioners.


For individual lawyers, Law Firms, Agencies and Legal Associations from Latin America, to a private Bar in the United States of America.


Legal Conferences, Seminars, Webinars and Educational initiatives delivered by leading legal experts.